We call you to join HeForShe Movement

As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we participated in the HeForShe movement in order to create a bold and visible force for gender equality in sports. In this movement, women and men are all together, and gender equality requires the support of all of us. As we are Fenerbahçe community, we can make a difference. Support now to act against gender discrimination.

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Combining Our Powers with HeForShe

As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, with the support of Tüpraş, we took a step that will set an example to the world in order to become a "Inclusive Sports Club" by participating in the HeForShe movement, which is carried out by the UN Women Unit (UN Women). We are trying to be a pioneer and an example in gender equality in the field of sports by putting many firsts into practice by saying “We are Equal Together”. Our A Football Team will bear the HeForShe logo on the right arm of our jersey until the end of the 2018 - 2019 season.

We Are Pioneers And Example

It is the first time that a sports club takes action to achieve gender equality in sports by making a long-term cooperation with HeForShe. We conduct analyzes to determine the current situation of our club on gender equality. We review our physical structure, facilities and strategic documents from a gender perspective.

We organize gender trainings and awareness workshops for our athletes and employees, and train educators to transfer them to future generations. We are working to increase the participation of women as sportsmen and spectators. We are against sexist chants. We are working to increase the number of female managers, employees and trainers. We eliminate gender stereotypes about sport in our media.

​Fenerbahçe Sports Club HeForShe Manifesto

With this agreement, a sports club is acting for the first time in cooperation with HeForShe to achieve gender equality in sports.

Fenerbahçe Sports Club that will keep the subject on the agenda of the sports community supports the "HeforShe Movement" initiated by the United Nations Women's Unit by saying "We can achieve equality only when women and men give shoulder to shoulder";

“We are equal together” for a better society, a better future and bright tomorrows;
 We Embrace All Colors with Our Navy Blue!
Thousands of women and men athletes,
Hundreds of women and men,
Our female and male board members and
With our millions of fans, women and men
With HeForShe to be a pioneer and exemplary
In this way, we call all the colors to join us, and everyone to defend social gender equality

As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, with the aim of ensuring gender equality,
  • For zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination against women and girls
  • To prevent sexist cheers
  • To increase the presence of women and girls in sports fields as both sportsmen and fans
  • To set an example to the society with our athletes,
  • We will work to become an inclusive sports club.

HeForShe Movement

Launched in September 2014 by the UN Women Unit (UN Women), HeForShe is a solidarity movement that calls on all individuals, especially men, to be advocates of change for gender equality.

Gender equality is for everyone

Gender equality is not only an issue for women; it is a human rights issue that affects the entire society. Gender equality liberates not only women, but also men, from boned gender patterns. Men are not only part of the gender equality debate, but they are also part of the solution. We can only achieve equality when women and men give shoulder to shoulder.

More than 2 million people

HeForShe calls on people from all over the world to come together to create a bolder and visible force for gender equality. More than 2 million people from all over the world have expressed their commitment to the gender equality movement through the HeForShe website since 2014. HeForShe, which establishes cooperations with companies, universities and governments through the programs it develops, aims to spread and promote good practices in the field of gender.