An unforgettable show

Friday, May 18, 2007

In honor to our 100th Year the famous Italian artist Valerio Festi will perform a special show in Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium on 9.June. The special show  will include not only sound, music and light effects, but also flying dancers. Valerio Festi claimed ‘This show will also be remembered in the 200th year of Fenerbahce’ about his show.
Vice President Ali Koc, Tahir Perek, the Italian artist Valerio Festi, Mehmet Akif Asmaz and Ender Alkaya also attended to the press conference which took place in Faruk Ilgaz Sport Facility, in order to introduce the concept of the show.
Valerio Festi explained his show and told: ‘Fenerbahce combines sport, art and culture by presenting this special show which will remind you of big international events. My team also prepared the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Toronto. We want this show to have a soul, so we gathered the special moments from Fenerbahce’s great history together. We will watch Fenerbahce’s and Turkey’s history. We are training 850 young Turkish people for this great show, there are 900 special costumes. We have been preparing this show with Spanish, Italian and French artists for over a year. I thank the directors and the President of Fenerbahce for being that brave and let us do a show which is never performed in Turkey.’
Our Vice President Ali Koc said that in the beginning of this year they aimed success in all branches and now they are really satisfied with all these glories and cups which were won in this important year.’ We are celebrating our 100th year with a great joy. After what we have achieved this year, now it is time to celebrate.’ Mr Koc also thanked our official sponsor Avea for its financial support on this project and said that the whole celebration will cost  7 million Euro.


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