Sunday, April 5, 2015
Following the incident that got the attention of the public in the aftermath of the Fenerbahçe-Çaykur Rizespor game, it has been considered necessary to make this statement.

First and foremost it is important to underline that this incident is not a simple fan act that can be covered up but an organized and designed armed attack and an attempt of assassination against Fenerbahçe.

The incident can be considered as the peak point of the hostility against Fenerbahçe, which has been rushed up, protected, and even rewarded by certain powers since the July Frame(alleged match fixing period).

It is a point where football comes to an end since blood has been spilled. The immediate pick up and prosecution of the responsibles is Fenerbahçe’s priority and main concern.

It is Fenerbahçe’s opinion that the leagues must be postponed until this incident is cleared up and the consciousness of Fenerbahçe public is satisfied.

We would like to make a call for sobriety to the whole Fenerbahçe community and declare that a more detailed explanations and decisions will be announced to the public following the extraordinary board meeting.

We would like to express our get well wishes to the bus driver Ufuk Kıran, who injured during this hatched job,  our players, technical committee, our stuff, and their families as well as our Community.