Greatest club in Turkey

Friday, June 15, 2007

Today the new transfer Colin Kazim Richards signed a four-year contact with Fenerbahce. In the press conference which was held in Fenerbahce Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium, he stated that he is really glad that he is going to play in the greatest club in Turkey.

’I am very happy and excited that I am joining Fenerbahce, the greatest club in Turkey. I believe that I will do a lot of work here. I know that Fenerbahce aims a greater success in Europe. We all are going to work to achieve our goals at the end. We want to make our fans happy.’
’I decided to play for Fenerbahce because they introduced me their club perfectly. It was not hard for me to decide to come here at the end. Yesterday I visited the Fenerbahce Museum. What a great history! Fenerbahce is the greatest club in Turkey.’

’I can play in every striking position. I consider competition as a positive thing for the development. Competition motivates me in the right direction.’