Youth football set for Dutch revolution

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dutch coach Joop Lensen is the new man to take charge of improvements in Fenerbahçe’s youth football set-up. Speaking to FBTV after signing a contract with the club today, Lensen said: "Good facilities have been constructed here but there is still plenty to do. I know Fenerbahçe has very big targets. I explained where youth football should be amongst these targets and my thoughts were accepted and I came to an agreement."

Lensen has a rich background, having been responsible for youth development at AZ Alkmaar and in the Dutch FA.

President of the Holland Fenerbahçe Supporters Association Seçkin Kaya had an important role to play in Lensen’s arrival. Kaya said: "We’ve been talking to Lensen about Fenerbahçe for some time. I believe he’ll be very beneficial with his experience. He’d come to Turkey before and we carried out a short tour of the facilities.

"He has some great thoughts about youth development and wants to put them to life."

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