Statement about Gigi Datome

30 June 2020 Tuesday 11:30

Gigi Datome, who has played a key role in all the historical success we have achieved since he joined Fenerbahce in 2015-16 season, has decided to opt-out his current agreement with our team to continue his career with another club.

During his time with Fenerbahçe, Gigi Datome’s contributions to our team has not been limited to the points he scored or the stats he made on the court. One of the most important representatives of our Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team’s never give up mentality, Gigi has been a key part of the team spirit that has been created in our locker room and shown on the court.

In addition to contributing to the team every single second he was on the court, he has made us proud with his exemplary attitude and sportsmanship off the court, and gained everyone’s admiration with his love and commitment to our country.

We would like to thank Gigi Datome, an already unforgettable piece of the Fenerbahçe Basketball history, for all of his contributions to our club, and wish him all the success for the rest of his career.

Fenerbahçe Sports Club