29 July 2022 Friday 13:52

We release this statement in reaction to an incident which occurred during the Dynamo Kyiv match held at our stadium as part of the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League and in which an expression that in no way reflects our club’s attitudes were heard coming from one section of the stands after the opposing team scored a goal.
As Fenerbahçe Sports Club we have always taken care–and we see it as our responsibility–to foster awareness, both in our own country and throughout the world, of any social and humanitarian issues that fall within our sphere of influence.
At the very onset of the war on February 24, 2022, Fenerbahçe Sports Club was the first sports club to react to it.
We reiterate once again the message that we have been emphatically conveying through all of our official communication channels: War is not bravery, it is cowardice! #NoToWar
Furthermore, one of the best examples of our sensitivity on this matter is to be seen in the friendly “Football For Peace” match with Shakhtar Donetsk that we held at our stadium in April in order to draw attention, to materially and morally contribute to peace in Ukraine. We stood by The Ukrainian club in every possible way and hosted them in our country for days on end.
As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, our stance and approach on this matter is well-known to the public since the very beginning.
After a goal at the 58th minute of yesterday’s match, some players on the opposing team, especially a reserve goalkeeper who once played for a rival team in our country, engaged in provocative behavior that outraged some fans and caused a reaction which lasted for a mere 20 seconds in the course of a two-hour game.
As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, whatever the reason it may be, the reaction coming from one section of the stands is unacceptable.
However maligning all of our fans and attributing to Fenerbahçe Sports Club responsibility for an incident which in no way represents the attitudes or values of Fenerbahçe Sports Club is neither a fair nor an equitable approach.
At this point we condemn not only any insinuation of either our country’s or Fenerbahçe Sports Club’s involvement in this incident but also efforts to set an agenda that will lead to misunderstanding and politicization of this affair.
Hereby, we take this occasion to once again remind the public of Fenerbahçe Sports Club’s stance that sports and politics must always be kept apart from each other.