Fenerbahçe Fenerbahçe
  • White Field

    Cleanliness and frankness

  • Red Field

    It stands for love and devotion between purity and Fenerbahçe, and symbolizes our flag

  • Yellow Field

    Envy and jealousy for Fenerbahce

  • Green Field

    Acorn branch, symbolizes the might and power of Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe's crest was designed by Topuz Hikmet, who played as left winger, in 1910. The crest consists of five colours. The white section which includes the writing Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü 1907 represents purity and open-heartedness, the red section represents love and attachment to the club and symbolises the Turkish flag. The yellow section symbolises other ones' envy and jealousy about Fenerbahçe, while the navy symbolises nobility. The oak leaf shows the force and the power of being a member of Fenerbahçe. The green colour of the leaf shows that Fenerbahçe's success is imperative.

Topuz Hikmet tells the story of the crest as below:

"After the change of the club’s colours from yellow and white to yellow and navy, it was an issue to create a crest with our new colours. My friends left the design of this badge to me. Firstly, I brought together the colours of our national flag, red and white. Then drew a heart shape over the red and gave it a yellow and navy colour, adding an acorn leaf that represents resistance, power and strength. I wrote the club name and foundation date on the white section. When drawing our badge, I tried to give this meaning: Serving the club with a commitment from the heart. The design was favored by my friends and our new pins was made through the guidance of Tevfik Haccar, who was in Manchester. After the new alphabet was approved, the design was protected, but the club name on the crest was changed to Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü 1907".

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Use of Color And Logo

The registered badge of Fenerbahçe Sports Club is used incorrectly in some news sources and on some web sites. Registered correct usage of the badge and CMYK pantone color codes are given below


  • C 0
  • M 0
  • Y 100
  • K 0


341 C
  • C 95
  • M 5
  • Y 82
  • K 24


  • C 0
  • M 0
  • Y 0
  • K 0


  • C 0
  • M 0
  • Y 0
  • K 100


200 C
  • C 3
  • M 100
  • Y 70
  • K 12