Pregame Comments: Igor Kokoskov & Dyshawn Pierre

21 October 2020 Wednesday 10:10

Igor Kokoskov: They have made a lot of changes on their team, a new coach, a lot of new acquisitions, new players, but they are a very physical team. They are a very versatile team, they can go with big lineups, with small lineups. Lately they have been playing really well. They play with a lot of confidence. They play at home with a lot of energy and confidence so we have to come ready to put our best game and to put us in best chance to try to win the game.

Dyshawn Pierre: We know it's a strong opponent. We know we have to stay focused and just lock into the coaching plan. We just have to make sure that we are focused. Basically we just have to work hard and come with a very focused mindset. They have good big players and they also have quality perimeter players, our coaches have prepared us for both. We have to rebound the ball, we have to defend and then from defending and being tough offense will come also. That will put us in the best position to win the game.