Important Announcement to our Fans about SC Braga Match

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Fenerbahce will face to SC Braga within the scope of UEFA Europa League round of 16 first match on 10th of March 2016, Thursday at Ulker Stadium Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Sports Complex at 20.00 (Local Time). 

As it has been already very well known, during the UEFA matches that we had played on the season 2012/2013, our club was exposed with somber sanctions and penalties due to significant discipline and security violation circumstances. Due to the violations mentioned, UEFA made the decision of excluding our club out of its competitions and the sanction has been postponed in condition of not to occur again.

Accordingly it must be known that, any infringement of discipline and security will cause of preclude hazard from Europe.

For this reason, our expectation from our dear fans;

•         Never ending support and stand behind of our team during 90 minutes

•         Because of the measure of safety, please do not keep any change with you

•         Please do not sit or stand flight of stairs

•         Please do not enter the pitch before, during and after the game

•         Please do not chant any political slogans and also do not bring any political banners, flags, etc. with you

•         Please protect the pitch any action of throwing things on to the field of play

•         Please co-ordinate with local security unities and stadium officers.

•         Please do not use any squib, torch and such as combustibles and caustic materials, in addition please
block the exploiters and report the security units immediately

In case of any provocative manner from the opponent keep calm and only support our team.

It should not be forgotten that, any incident that could occur against to spirit of sport will cause such a significant financial and spiritual damage for our club.

We kindly ask to our fans to show sensitivity of the issue and just support to our team. 

Best regards,