Saturday, May 2, 2015
Following the victory of the second term second match of the Turkish Women’s Volleyball First League Final Stage (Galatasaray Daikin – Fenerbahçe Grundig), Fenerbahçe Grundig faced with Eczacıbaşı Vitra within the scope of third and last game of the final stage. Our team lost the game with a 3 – 1 score. At the previous game that played with Galatasaray Daikin, Fenerbahçe Grundig already declared its championship. At this season, The Yellow Angels only got one defeat and completed the season as a Super Cup and League Champion. After the last game, our team and technical committee feel joyful about championship. Yeon Koung Kim wins awards of “the top scorer player”, “best smasher” and “most valuable player” (MVP).